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Week 1 Texas High School Football

Which teams surprised you the most in week 1?

Which Team Has Surprised you so far through Week 4?

We are about 1/3 of the way through the Texas High School Football season. Which Austin area team has surprised you through the first four weeks? Good or bad.

Best Austin Area Basketball team

Who is the Best high school basketball team in the austin area as of now? 1/19/22

Best Chance to Win 2022 State 7S Tournament

(Thus far) four Austin-area teams have qualified for the State 7 on 7 Tournament (June 24-25). Of those 4, who has the best chance to win it all? Lake Travis, Westwood, Dripping Springs or Westlake?

2022 Football Sleepers

Who are some 2022 Texas High School football sleepers this year, teams or Individual players

Battle Of The Lakes 2022

All things Battle of the Lakes talk. Predictions. History, and More

Best 2022-2023 Austin Area HS Hoopers

Who are the best Austin high school hoopers in the Area?