OFFICIAL: 2021 Volleyball All District 26-6A Selections

Nov 11, 2021, 2:05 PM


BLOG: Snupe Daniel, November 10, 2021 9:59 P.M.

The head coaches of District 26-6A put their collaborative thoughts together, resulting in this official All District 26-6A list for the 2021 season. Congratulations to all honored, and nod of respect to the players who feel slighted.  



COACH OF THE YEAR - Jared Te'o, San Marcos

Leading the Rattlers to a program best 30+ wins, the future is bright in San Marcos.

MOST VALUABLE PLAYER - Maggie Walsh ('22), San Marcos, OH (Texas State)

MOST VALUABLE HITTER - Arden Besecker ('22) Lake Travis, OH (Florida State beach)

MOST VALUABLE SETTER - Kasen Rosenthal ('22) Austin High, RS (UConn)

MOST VALUABLE DEFENSIVE PLAYER - Emily Contreras ('23) Lake Travis, DS

MOST VALUABLE BLOCKER - Sadie Swift ('22) Austin High, MB (North Carolina) 

NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR - Lily Davis ('25), Westlake, OH




Brooke Jeffrey ('22), Austin High, OH (Sacred Heart University)

Samantha Unbehagen ('22), Austin High, OH

Tanon Rosenthal ('23), Austin High, RS (Arizona beach)

Kiana Reed ('22), Lake Travis, setter (Texas Women's University)

Avery Hamlin ('24), Lake Travis, setter

Liliana Mechura ('22), Lake Travis, Middle

Joselyn Roberson ('22), San Marcos, OH (Tarleton State University)

Ruby Gordon ('23), San Marcos, setter

Reese Emerick ('24), Westlake, libero

Cate Boldrick ('22), Westlake, MB (Angelo State)

Megan Disu ('23), Hays, OH/MB

Madison Disu ('23), Hays, OH/MB

Katie Hansen ('23), Bowie, OH (Santa Clara University beach)

Grey Foster ('22), Westlake, Setter (Long Beach State)




Jade Clack ('23) Austin High, RS

Adrianna Gallegos ('22), Austin High, libero/DS

Emily Tate ('22), Austin High, DS/libero

Brinkley Barker ('22) Lake Travis, OH/RS

Logan Brannan ('24), Lake Travis, OH

Kendall Jurgens ('23), Lake Travis, middle

Sophia Luo ('23), Westlake, RS

Janie Hudson ('22), Westlake, middle

Victoria Simmang ('22), Hays, setter (SFA beach)

Bella Briceno ('23), Hays, libero

Emery Jones ('22), San Marcos

Brinkley Reeves ('22), San Marcos, OH

Mak'hi Falkquay ('22), Akins OH

Donnica Armstrong ('25), Del Valle, OH

Zeta Jenkins ('22), Bowie

Alana Garcia ('22), Bowie

Isa Breeden ('23), Westlake, RS

Lusia Langi ('24), Hays, MB


2021 Honorable Mention 26-6A Awards


Bri Wilson ('22), Akins

Kesley Wood ('22), Akins

Lyla Jones ('22), Hays

Harper Luthy ('25), Austin, OH

Emmy Swift ('25), Austin, MB

Alexis Torres ('22), Del Valle, OH

Amiyah Burns ('22) Del Valle, MB

Callissa Castro ('23), San Marcos, libero

Liana Guerro ('23), San Marcos

Juliet Ippolito ('23), Bowie

Ana Mairena ('22), Bowie, setter

Caroline Pence ('23), Westlake, OH

Abby Teel ('23) Lake Travis, DS

Carrington Jaimes ('24), Lake Travis, M

Sydney Bopp ('22), Lake Travis, M

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