Nyle Maxwell Family Of Dealerships Student Athlete of the Week: Will Hammond (Week 11)

Nov 7, 2022, 9:32 PM


BLOG: FLX Staff/Derek Cohen 

This week's Nyle Maxwell Family of Dealerships Student Athlete of the Week is Will Hammond, Quarterback for Hutto. Will and the Hippos Battled the Weiss Wolves at home in what was their last game of the season. Hutto did find a way to win as they beat the wolves 41-38 at Home. 

Hammond completed 63.4% of his passes going 26 for 41, 370 yards and 4TDs against Weiss. Hammonds favorite target seemed to be Alex Green Jr who had 9 receptions 214 yards and 1TD. 

Thank you to all of your recommendations of Student Athlete of the Week all season long! 

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