FLX Fam Filming Notes

Jul 26, 2021, 8:31 PM


FLX Fam,

These are some of the points we will go over during the focused portion of the social.  Please read through so when you hear it on Wednesday, it will sink in deeper.  

ISD MEDIA PASS: you will receive official ISD (Austin, Leander, Round Rock, ect) in addition to your FLX badge, due to COVID-19 protocol.  We will contact your respective athletic coordinators the week of first game to arrange your securing of this.

FILMING POSITIONS: one thing that separates FLX is the access/angle.  Where you stand while filming is super important.

1. Start your camera on the QB, everytime.  On offense and defense. "Simply" follow the ball.

2. ON DEFENSE - stand behind the at line of scrimmage, behind the opposing QB (to capture sacks, tackles for losses, interceptions).  

4. ON OFFENSE: film 30 yards ahead of play.  We really only want big plays, so always stay ahead of the play, along sideline.  Note: referee will be running down sidelines on breakaway plays, so you wil take a step back to give them a lane.  

5. If you capture a big play (TD, interception, fumble recovery), CONTINUE to record the players' reactions, all the way till they reach the sideline.  This is the moment we will capture the most emotional and intimate moments that other news organizations fail to capture.

PHONE FILMING TECHNIQUE: if you aren't using a camcorder to film highlights, how you use your phone is very important.  

1. Always film/shoot with phone 'landscape' style (i.e. sideways, horizontal), unless your filming an Instagram story.

2. Use your zoom - we are going for the most intimate, compelling shot.  Focus on upper body/torso, head/helmet at the top of your screen.  Same concept applies to camcorders, use your zoom to the max.


Pregame Shot: (shot of student section shot of captains) - establish your position at the game.

Shot of Halftime Scoreboard - an update of your game @ half

Shot of Final Scoreboard - finality report

Post game interview (1-2 questions, shout outs to end)

FLX STUDIO HOTLINE (OPTIONAL): (512) 447-3776 (Post Game, :60 update) FLX Radio after 10pm.

UPLOAD FOOTAGE: send via Instagram DM, or simply tag @FLXAT in your IG story.

 UPLOAD TO DROPBOX (larger files): snupedaniel@gmail.com

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