FLX ATX ’20: FREE Football Virtual Camp (BamFam Foundation)

Virtual FREE Camp & Showcase Guidelines

Register at www.bamfam.org – Bamfam Foundation FREE Camps & Showcases with former and current pro athletes are now being done virtually. Registered campers will log onto to zoom while unregistered campers or “walk ups” will tune into our social media outlets(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) for a up to 90 min free fitness clinic.  They will virtually participate in 5 football centered drills AT HOME in a 15ft x 15ft space while having a engaging experience with their fellow campers and favorite professional athlete. Drill equipment cones have been substituted for household items for those who do not have proper drill equipment. Each registered camper will be shipped a camp t-shirt, mask, and free code to No Sweat to receive a free pack of hat liners. There will also be a 10 min Q&A session after the fitness session. Two online campers will be selected as camp MVPs to received signed memorabilia from the player. Register at www.bamfam.org

Social Media Outlets GOING LIVE:

Twitter: Bamfamfoundati2

Facebook: BamFam Foundation

Instagram: BamFam2000

Athlete: Fozzy Whittaker (Former NFL Carolina Panthers) (University of Texas)

Location: Austin

Date: 4/25/2020

Time: 11am-12:30pm

Duration: up to 90 mins

Space Needed: 15ft x 15ft Space

Household Items to use in place of cones:

  • Shoes/Sandals
  • Old Shirts/Jackets
  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Towels
  • Bottles/cans

5 min Player Introduction

15 min dynamic stretch

  • High knees, butt kicks, jumping jacks, toe jumps x 15 reps
  • 10 air squats, 10 arm circles back and forth, 10 trunk twist,  triceps stretch
  • Bend Down Touch toes, spread legs touch toes, Hamstring stretch x 10 second hold

5 drills 5-7 mins each (25-35 mins)

  •        Agility drill into Jump Cut RT/LFT
  • Z Drill
  • Plant & Cut Drill
  • 3 cone Drill
  • Shuffle Drill

2 min break time (10 mins)

  • Water Breaks
  • Explain next drill

10 min Q&A W/Fozzy

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